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Design Audit

Existing businesses that underperform often rely on an old paradigm that might not be valid  in today’s ever changing market.  Competition, national and international brand proliferation, the growth of online  retailing, and the higher and higher expectations by consumers are changing the way we see retail.

  • No longer is retail a price/value equation.
  • Retail needs to be entertaining, infotaining  and seek loyalty on the part of the consumers.
  • Are you reaching your consumers to achieve your business goals?
  • What does your brand mean to consumers and is your offer relevant?
  • Are you holding on to products or services that consumers rarely need and are you missing opportunites for “new product space” or an innovative idea with which to create a synergistic business that will enrich our community?
  • Do you have an “unsung product hero” that you want to promote more effectively?
  • How are you presenting "YOUR BRAND” in your shopfront, on your printed material and online
  • Are you speaking with one consistent voice through your online, shopfront ,environment, advertising copy, and graphic design?
  • Are you creating a compelling shopfront that welcomes customers, and does your environment and quality of service keep them interested and coming back? 
  • Are you attracting Gen X, Y, Millennial, Seniors or all of the above?
  • All these questions are relevant in today’s marketplace and they can mean the difference between surviving the economic conditions or thriving despite them.
WMDA  business membership  offers, free of charge, an audit  series to help you evolve your business into a thriving entity. Our professionals have over 50 years combined  experience in creating global brands and branded architecture and interiors . We are offering  this expertise to  all our  new and existing Business Members.
A successful business environment benefits the community as a whole and makes our brands an attraction to other quality brands and this will bring both residents and guests to Wilton Manors to create the vibrant retail environment that we all desire.
We offer the following free services to our members:
  • Brand Identity Audit - a comprehensive, holistic look at “Your Brand” and what it projects to your existing consumer.
  • Façade/Shopfront Audit – a review of how your façade, and signage communicate with consumers that are walking or driving by.
  • Display Window Audit - an analysis of what is compelling to consumers and what image you are projecting and at what frequency .
  • Interior Environmental Audit - an understanding of how your brand is expressed in your environment , how your business functions, as well what amenities and communication you offer consumers at Point of Sale.
WMDA hopes you will take advantage of these consulting services , and we thank the generosity of the business community for their part in  making Wilton Manors  a vibrant destination and a  livable community  .